It’s My Time!

Feels like in paradise. Is it a great picture, huh? Well then, those photos took in Karanggoso Beach, Trenggalek, East Java – Indonesia. Feel frea to ask or comment. Thanks for viewing. 😀

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You Can Find Me

I was thinking about you while I walked down the beach | I just realized, seems like both of us were apart | Actually we are attracted to each other | But, we just can’t trust that feeling | I’ve made my footprints | And when the time is right | You can find where I am

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Take Me Home

Where you can find the place that make you feel comfort?

It is Home,

😦 Where the sad begins,

Where the glad ends. 🙂

😡 Where the hate begins,

Where the love ends. 😉

🙄 Bad things rolled,

Good things flowed, 😀

.:Everthings happened:.

You’ll come home for sure.

So, Take Me Home, now!

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Nowhere to Go | Nowhere to Find


It is loneliness, it is time to think and time to understand, what is ‘life’ stands for and what is ‘life’ means for? Life is just once, try to coloring many peoples life with our kindnesses. 🙂

Life is beautiful when we are useful to each others


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It is long enough for me leave this photoblog. The last I’ve posted in 2 May 2009, wuoooww, it was two years ago, huh?! :P. It is all because my rush activity, plus I’ve sold my gears so I couldn’t take any photos from that moment. But, now I’ve new one, :D. Seems like I’ll continue my photoblogging for now on. Hope you still like this photoblogging and don’t forget keep visit or even subscribe my photoblog 🙂


Best Regards,



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